Learn about the life and times of Alexander Hamilton, the United States' first Secretary of the Treasury and subject of the hit Broadway musical, 'Hamilton.' Explore Lower Manhattan's Financial District on a private tour, and see where one of America's most iconic Founding Fathers worked, lived, attended church, and went to dinner. Delve into the history of this fascinating man, as well as that of his wife, children, and friends.

Meet your guide on Wall Street, and then set out onto the streets of New York City's Financial District, many of which have remained unchanged for the past 200 years.

Walk in the footsteps of Hamilton and his peers while your guide regales you with stories of just who Alexander Hamilton was. Learn about his spectacular death at the hands of the then-Vice President and how during his life he overcame huge odds ' going from orphan to the country's first Secretary of the Treasury.

Stops include places where Hamilton lived, worked, ate, and communed, including Federal Hall, Fraunces Tavern, Bowling Green, and Trinity Church. You'll also visit Hamilton's grave.

Hear tales about his son Philip, also shot during a duel, and learn how Hamilton was involved in the very first sex scandal in American history.

Your tour then concludes'at Fraunces Tavern. You'll walk away with a much better understanding of Hamilton, whose face still adorns the US $10 bill.

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