Imagine if Alexander Hamilton came back to life and was seen walking the streets of lower Manhattan. Would he recognize anything of the New York he knew and loved? The answer is yes. Join Alexander Hamilton as he makes history come alive sharing anecdotes from his days at Kings College'to helping the Constitution become ratified all while pointing out what is still familiar to him in NYC. The walking tour lasts for about 2.5 hours and makes frequent stops pointing out over 20 points of interest that exist from Colonial New York. We start at City Hall and end at Trinity Church. Your Guide is a professional Colonial Reenactor, Historian, licensed NYC Tour Guide and former Chairman of the oldest worldwide association for Tour Guides and Tour Managers (IATM). A wireless audio receiver and headphones are made available so you do not miss any of the wit and wisdom of Alexander Hamilton.

Our Revolutionary spirit still lives in New York. Your guide will take you to where Alexander Hamilton drilled with'Revolutionary Soldiers, where the Son's of Liberty erected Liberty Poles, where Patriots fought the British prior to the Boston Massacre, and to America's First War Memorial. We can even still see the destruction left behind by our patriot brothers after the Reading of the Declaration of Independence.

'We will discuss the important events that occurred as we stand by the site of:

  • The first US Congress
  • The first Supreme Court
  • President Washington's Residence
  • Vice President Thomas Jefferson's Residence
  • Thomas Jefferson's VP and my assassin, Aaron Burr's Law Office
  • And of course all the important places where Alexander Hamilton spent time in the area.

Your guide will also share the cultural significance of 18th century life as we see the actual remains of a Colonial Prison, Water Well and Tavern from the 1600s.

This is a rare opportunity to learn about the creation of the United States from a man that was instrumental in its creation. Learn about the reasons behind the actions of our Revolutionary forefathers. Reinforce your knowledge concerning the events that created our great nation. Appreciate how an illegitimate boy of Scottish descent became the embodiment of the American dream as he demonstrated foresight, wit, courage, and intellect throughout his life. Hamilton, more than any other person, demonstrated the American self-determination that not only determined his fate but that of the country he helped create. You will have an opportunity to ask questions to Alexander Hamilton throughout and at the end of the tour.

The best teacher of history is one who has lived it. Your guide is a native New Yorker and a professional Colonial Reenactor featured in numerous movies and educational publications.

To ensure the highest quality of touring experience, we make available a professional quality personal wireless audio receiver and headphones to all participants. A government issued photo ID or deposit is necessary to secure the wireless receiver and headphones. You may use your own headphones in our wireless receiver. We want to make sure that you hear every word of the wit and wisdom of Alexander Hamilton on the best Historical Tour of New York City.

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