Explore the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Walk down the awe-inspiring path that chronicles the evolution of the universe. Learn the nature of galaxies, stars, and earth's geodynamics. Behold the museum's famous dioramas replicating thousands of animals in their natural habitat. Visit the massive Hall of Dinosaurs and see our famous Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil. In addition the museum's latest exhibit, the world's largest dinosaur ever found the "Titanosaur."'

This is the greatest dinosaur fossil collection in the world. General admission to the museum is included with the price of this tour.

This tour will maximize your valuable time and enjoyment of this museum. This tour de force triumph will reveal how our moon was created. Join us in celebrating the birthday of the world's oldest object at 4.4 billion years old and counting. Be introduced to the world's deadliest creature which has wipe out more humans than all the wars combined. Meet the real life Indiana Jones.

Scrutinize the world's largest collection of dinosaur bones. Crouch at the feet of the largest dinosaur ever discovered. Witness the terror of Tyrannosaur Rex. Choice which protagonist to support in the "Bone Wars."

Amuse at how an astrophysicist got embroiled in "PlutoGate." Awe at how Manhattan looked 400 million years ago. All this and more in the museum featured in the movie "A Night at the Museum." General admission is included with the price of this tour.

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