A great way to discover New York City's famous Central Park is on a bicycle. Explore everything this iconic park has to offer ' from the meadows, gardens, and bridges to the performance centers, educational facilities, and classical architecture on bike-friendly paths (no biking in traffic). From a 1-to-3 hour jaunt or a full day of riding, this Central Park bike rental includes the use of a bicycle, helmet, basket, and lock. Choose from a wide assortment of bikes for all kinds of riding activities.

A bicycle ride through Central Park begins with a large selection of bikes from the rental shop in Midtown Manhattan ' a'fleet consisting of brand-new Fuji hybrids, perfect for exploring the park as well as the city. A'mechanic will inspect all bikes, go over the safety instructions, and make sure each rider has the perfect setup before renting.

Pick one and begin riding for an hour or two (or three) or the entire day. It's only'five blocks of riding on a protected bicycle lane to the entrance of the park. Then enjoy breathtaking views from flat, hilly, and scenic terrain. On a bike, it's relatively easy to see a lot of the park in a short amount of time.

Central Park offers a plethora of special highlights for individuals and families. From green meadows, gardens, and unique bridges to performance centers and classical architecture, the park's greatest attraction is its scenic beauty. Renting a bike is a great way to see it all. Enjoy the view and pedal at any pace desired, stopping along the way to explore at will.

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