Your guide will bring you through the world's most famous urban park during all its autumn glory. There is nothing quite like seeing leaves come into full color in this distinctively New York setting. You'll walk past famous sights on the park's fringes, such as Columbus Circle, "The Ghostbusters Building" and The Dakota Apartments (John Lennon's home) as well as those in the park, including but not limited to Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Fountain and The Mall.

Central Park was designed so visitors would feel as if they had left the city completely. There are sections where they have so completely captured that feeling and you'll think rather than hiking in a park in the middle of America's largest metropolis you're somewhere in the Catskill Mountains. Then we'll round a corner and the beautiful fall foliage will blend into skycrapers over 1000 feet tall! Central Park is a truly unique place, one not to miss on a visit to New York, add the wonder of leaves changing and you'll have an experience never to be forgotten.

This is a walking tour that takes you along Central Park West before you head into the park itself. On this tour you'll see the following attractions among others:

Columbus Cirlcle
The "Ghostbusters Building"
The Dakota Apartments
Strawberry Fields
Museum of Natural History (exterior only)'
Belvedere Castle
The Great Lawn
The Ramble
Bethesda Fountain
The Mall

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