This walking tour covers Chinatown, Five Points, and Little Italy. Follow the immigration of the Chinese, Irish, and Italians to the land of opportunities. Discover the history of the Chinese in America; from gold to rails to the birth of many Chinatowns. Then the Irish dominance of Five Points, and the gangs of New York. Discover Boss Tweed and his political machine Tammany Hall. Finally trace the path of New York's Italian settlers. From the Mezzogiorno exodus to their American experience and the origin of Little Italy.

A historical tour of New York's Chinatown, Five Points, and Little Italy districts. Revel in details of how each of these neighborhoods were established. Follow the struggles of sun-drenched immigrants to the land of freedom. Marvel at how they and their descendants built the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

You will see where George Washington's Revolutionary headquarters was, the first tenement that was built, the saloon where Irving Berlin started his career, the place where modern tattooing began, the power base of Boss Tweed, the birthplace of the American Mafia, Lucky Luciano's office and America's first pizzeria.

This tour starts on Broadway and winds through Canal Street. Then down small intimate paths of Pell Street. This excursion concludes on Spring Street in Nolita (North of Little Italy). This tour is fine for all ages.

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