Was it a war between the states or a war of Northern aggression? Experience a vastly different look at the war that divided America and learn the true story of a nation at war with itself. Embark on a 2-hour walk through time and from the southern tip of Manhattan to City Hall Park, passing through NYC's oldest historic district as well as many architectural landmarks as you go. Learn exactly what role NYC played in America's Civil War from your expert guide and ask questions along the way.

What was America's Civil War really about? Embark on a thought-provoking 2-hour walking tour through the streets of Manhattan, discussing the accepted reasons for the war as well as more controversial theories about why it was fought with your group of fellow participants and expert guide.

Set out from Bowling Green in Lower Manhattan to Tweed Courthouse in City Hall Park on this walk through history, asking such questions as 'Was President Lincoln truly motivated by a desire to save the nation, or did he vastly overstep his Constitutional powers?' 'How influenced was he by the great financial interests of his time: railroads, industry and finance?'

Along the way you'll step back in time to experience 19th Century New York, a city of immense wealth and devastating poverty; a city on the verge of war. Learn about how the Peace Democrats, War Democrats, Republicans and Tammany Hall jockeyed for political power without regard to where it would lead the country or the people of the city while discovering some of Manhattan's architectural landmarks. Hear stories about controversial New Yorkers like Horace Greeley and Fernando Wood who stood by their beliefs in the face of opposition, and listen as your guide describes NYC's surprising and conflicted role in America's most devastating war.

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