Visit New York City's top art galleries as well as some smaller, hidden studios'on a guided, 3-hour walking tour in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan. Follow a local artist, curator, or gallery owner with the rest of the small group and discover some of the city's'emerging talent. Get'a broad overview of the galleries and visit the fringe of Chelsea, where a string of up-and-coming dealers have set up exciting programs. Get a taste for how contemporary art shapes the city and vice versa, then discuss the aspects of collecting art today.

Whether well-versed in the language of contemporary art or a curious novice, this small-group (six people maximum) gallery tour will introduce the latest installations by big-name artists and emerging talent alike.

The focus will be on the former industrial-turned-glamorous neighborhood of Chelsea. Learn how this area became a nexus for the commercial gallery scene in the late-20th century. Explore some of the city's well-established galleries and find out about early pioneers of Chelsea, such as Mary Boone and Matthew Marks. Also, discuss the dichotomy of the New York art market and the museum world, and find a way to several smaller boutique and ephemeral 'pop-up' spaces. These are often the showcases for emerging artists and experimental works. Learn about the many directions in which contemporary art is headed in the 21st century.

As installations and shows change rapidly in the gallery world, the exact course of this tour will vary from day to day. Relying on the insight and expertise of the guide, and focusing on some of the most interesting and exciting current installations, gain a solid understanding of the NYC arts scene by the end of the tour. Reviews | Photos | Get Tickets