Formerly Longacre Square, Times Square entered the nation's consciousness in 1904, when it was renamed after the New York Times building that became the cornerstone of the new district. Join us on an early morning 4 mile run to see how much redevelopment has changed the neighborhood and experience the history of the theaters, restaurants, train stations and parks. See why Times Square has become the "Crossroads of the World"!

Perhaps no part of New York City is as well known as the legendary Times Square. Once home to the first newspapers of NYC, this small 10-block district is now home to the annual televised New Year's Eve celebration and the most popular Broadway hits. On this run you'll also get treated to a trip through Grand Central Station and Rockefeller Center, before returning to the "Great White Way" to learn more about the theaters and secrets of why Times Square has become the "Crossroads of the World"!

OFFERED: Sundays at 8 am

DISTANCE: 4 Miles/6.4K

TERRAIN: Street, Sidewalk


TOUR DURATION: Approx. 1.5 hours

MEETING LOCATION: Asics Times Square

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