Come tread in the footsteps of America's historic figures, such as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Mother Elizabeth Seton, Samuel Fraunces, Robert Fulton and others. We will wind our way through the narrow streets where New York began.

This tour will explore more than 400 years of history through art and architecture, antidotes and historic pictures, from the 1624 purchase of Manhattan to the American Revolution, George Washington's inauguration, to the building of a new nation and the rise of skyscrapers. Stops include Trinity Church and churchyard, Federal Hall, artwork by Keith Haring, Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange, and much more!

Downtown Manhattan is where New York, or more precisely where Nieuw Amsterdam began. This neighborhood, more than any other in New York, offers a stark contrast between the past and the present. On our Downtown Manhattan walking tour you'll visit sites that date to Colonial New York; see skyscrapers built to house America's financial powerhouses, and stand where American history was made. From the colonial past to the present-day, from victorious moments to touching tragedy, from architectural variety and human sagas our Downtown Manhattan Walking Tour takes you on a 400-year journey.

Downtown Manhattan, also known as Lower Manhattan and the Financial District, is where the first Dutch settlers carved dirt paths in the woods and swamps, and as they did in their homeland, they dug a canal. The canal was filled in to create one of the areas widest streets, Broad Street. Their dirt paths, now paved as the city's narrowest streets with some of the tallest buildings lining them, are now streets that have been some of the most continuously-trodden in America

This guided walking tour through the city's oldest neighborhood includes City Hall and its park; the 9/11 Memorial; Federal Hall; The Battery, with sweeping views of New York Harbor; the Federal Reserve Building; Trinity Church and the grave Alexander Hamilton; the 1907 Custom House, and its spectacular sculptural groupings, 'The Four Continents;' Wall Street, and the New York Stock Exchange; and the Woolworth Building.

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