This one day jewelry class is designed for people who want to have some experience in jewelry production or people who want to create a handmade gift. Under the guidance of an instructor, you will create a ring and set a diamond for 3-4 hours. You can select materials silver or brass (gold color metal). Experience is not required!

Want to harness your creativity into something tangible? Have an itch to create a unique piece of jewelry? This one day class is an experience for people who want to learn jewelry making. Under the guidance of a talented and experienced jewelry designer you will create a small ring from scratch.

Over a 3-4 hour workshop, this class is perfect to create a souvenir or a special keepsake of your own. The jewelry design school in the East Village provides private classes with only'4 students per class. Experience of jewelry production is not required.

You will have the option to engrave your initials and/or add a date to your piece. All tools provided by the studio.

** Please request in advance if you want to make in 14K gold ($330) or 18K gold ($380)!

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