On this fun and informative two-hour tour of the Metropolitan Museum, you will meet the women who shattered the glass ceilings of their day, from ancient Egypt to 20th century America.

You'll learn about the most powerful female Pharaoh of Egypt and her famous tomb, the mythical women who frightened ancient Greek men, the first official Roman Empress and the complete erasure of her memory and the official mistresses of French kings and the power they wielded. Hear stories of a woman scientist of pre-Revolutionary France, the female painters whose focus on women lives, instead of their bodies, changed modern painting. Plus, a suffragette who was one of the Metropolitan's main donorsand so much more. Learn about the rich history of women who stood for what they believed in and changed the world.

This 2-hour walking tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art includes museum admission. Your tour guide will introduce you to the strong, outspoken women of history whose portraits hang in the museum. You will visit a number of different sections of the museum on the tour, including Egypt, Greek and Roman, modern painting ,and 19th and early 20th century European paintings. You will receive a general orientation in this vast and fascinating museum while gleaning a different perspective of art and an interesting side of history. Learn about the movers and shakers of the past - the progressive women of their time

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