Join the 2.5-hour, walking tour to explore what was once the playgrounds of all things gang and mob-related. New York City's historic past is plagued by dark and powerful criminals who took the law into their own hands. You will take an exciting adventure to where the infamous "Goodfellas" hung out. Visit famous movie sites and more. Continue from Little Italy into Chinatown to hear about the Tong gangs and visit "Bloody Angle". The shared tour ends in what was The Five Points, famous for the brutal Irish gangs of New York. "Fuggetaboutit", you can't be told everything. What are you waiting for? Sign up now, and join in on this wonderful, guided tour.

You will be led by a NYC-licensed, tour guide that specializes in the subject of crime and gangsters. You will hear the stories of the rise and fall of the mafia along with visiting famous movie sites on this 2.5-hour, walking tour. Here are a few highlights:

Little Italy ' where The Mafia or Cosa Nostra wreaked havoc, and mob members were gunned down in the streets. Learn of the demise of the last don, John Gotti.

Chinatown ' was home to the Tong gangs, where the infamous two Tongs would wage war on each other. The battles were so violent the streets became known as 'Bloody Angle'. Explore the underground tunnels, and hear stories of their wars.

The Five Points ' The Gangs of NY ' as the Irish escaped the potato famine in Ireland, they landed in New York in the most poverty stricken slum in New York City. See where the five points converged and gang extortion, houses of ill-repute, and crime flourished.

Walk the streets where some of the most powerful gangs in New York City ruled. Gain insight into some of the most feared and ruthless gangs in New York City.


  • Ravenite Club
  • Cigar Shop
  • Old Umbertos Clam House Location
  • FBI Hideout
  • Pell and Doyer St.
  • Opium Den
  • Blood Angle Old Opera House
  • Columbus Park
  • Canal Street
  • Tenement
  • St. Patrick's Old Cathedral

Tour ends in Columbus Park at 1:30pm.

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