In the middle of New York harbor sits a a 172-acre (70 ha) island filled with history, fun, and stunning views of the city. Walk through historical streets past former barracks and colonial houses. See unique modern art. Lounge on rocking chairs inside Fort Jay. Get amazing photos of the Statue of Liberty and more. Come discover Governors Island, NYC's best summer day-trip just a 5-minute boat from Manhattan!

Your guide will meet you at the landmarked Battery Maritime Building in downtown Manhattan. From there, we will take the boat across the harbor. Then we will begin our walking tour of this wonderful island. From its origins from Dutch discovery to its naming under British rule to its centuries as a US Army post and Coast Guard base, to its present as a public resource, we will discuss all of its amazing history.

You will see all of the following: historic homes and barracks, schools (past and present), an urban farm, a large park filled with wonderful art and a stunning view of downtown Manhattan, hammock grove, two huge historic forts from the early-1800s, and Colonels Row where you can grab a snack from some of the city's best food trucks. We will also visit one of the island's newly-created attractions. The Hills, which rise 70 feet above sea-level, and provide the best land views in NYC of the Statue of Liberty. All throughout, your guide will provide historical photos for context.

This tour is a wonderful chance to see NYC and its history from a perspective that even most New Yorkers miss out on. Tour only available May-September due to seasonal island closures. The tour will conclude at Soissons Landing on the island, where you can board a quick boat back to Manhattan.

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