This 2-hour indoor walking tour is great during all four seasons and all weather conditions. You will meet outside at Pershing Square for a brief talk about the beautiful exterior of Grand Central Terminal before heading inside to see this architectural marvel. Learn the incredible history of this building while eating your way through some of the best food vendors NYC has to offer. You will also receive a complimentary coupon book for some post tour shopping at one of the 68 vendors inside Grand Central.

This is an indoor food tour! Neither snow, or rain, or heat will affect you on this tour. With over 30 food vendors in Grand Central Terminal, it was easy to find great food for our tour! Eat your way through the most famous train terminal in the world while learning about the amazing history of this beautiful beaux arts building.

Hailed at its opening in 1913 as one of the great engineering achievements of its day, and holding the distinction of being the world's largest train terminal, Grand Central is still one of NYC's architectural marvels and historic attractions.

As one of NYC's most popular destinations, It's a 'must see' on your NY visit. On the tour you will visit one of the most famous rendezvous spots in NY, learn the secret of the Main Concourse's famous Zodiac ceiling. Visit the Kissing Room, Whispering Gallery, Station Master's Office and more.

With the coupon book we will give you you'll be able to go shopping at this completely indoor mall in one of the world's most famous buildings after your tour. Reviews | Photos | Get Tickets