Greenwich Village has long been a magnet for bohemians and intellectuals. Artists and writers, like Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain, gave the neighborhood its freewheeling identity.

The Village is one of NYC's most appealing and unique neighborhoods. After visiting NYU and Washington Square Park we'll walk down tree-lined streets with town houses and ivy-covered brownstones. Village streets meander at will, as Manhattan's grid doesn't apply here, adding to the identity of the area. Large chain stores are rare, instead you'll find funky boutiques, galleries and sidewalk cafes.

We'll visit the High Line, a west side park with beautiful views of the Hudson River that runs ABOVE the streets on the abandoned New York Central Railroad.

Settled during colonial times Greenwich Village gets its name because it was a village in the woods north of what then a tiny New York City. As such, the streets of Greenwich Village don't follow the same grid pattern as the rest of Manhattan so we'll wander streets so secluded you'll forget you're in NYC. We'll pass some celebrity homes and celebrity sightings on this tour are not unusual. Some of the sites you can expect to see include but are not limited to:

Washington Square Park
Edgar Allan Poe House
Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Site
Mark Twain's Home
Jefferson Market Library

Finally we will tour the High Line. A former freight line in the middle of Manhattan it has been transformed into a beautiful, elevated urban park.

Your guide will give you history and stories while adding a very personal touch to your tour.

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