Leave the Land of Large and experience an interactive world of miniatures from'around the globe.'Permanently housed in a space of almost 50,000'square'feet,'Gulliver's Gate is a'unique'and playful interpretation of the real world in miniature, inspired by the places we live, work, play, and dream about.'

Both familiar and unexpected, the past, present and future combine in unexpected ways to reveal commonalities and connections across'time and cultures.'

Gulliver's welcomes people everywhere to experience this world for themselves, and even become Model Citizens, permanent'miniature residents. You belong in this world.

When you enter Gulliver's Gate, you can get a personalized metal key that's yours to keep. Your key allows you to interact with and control the models bridging the gap between you and the display.

As you enter Metropolis, inspired by New York City, the Statue of Liberty greets you. Times Square is alight with LED screens, neon signs, and a traffic jam of cars and pedestrians. See iconic architectural treasures including One World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station. Directly behind Metropolis is Falls, inspired by Niagara Falls, where you can have your picture taken and become a drop of water cascading over the falls.

Walk through a glowing portal that leads to Continent, a model inspired by Europe stretching from the southern point of Greece to the mountains of Scandinavia. You will also find Island, a model inspired by The British Isles, and Winterland, a model inspired by regions of Russia. See Stonehenge, watch the Tower Bridge open, choose a concert to watch at Buckingham Palace, size up the Eiffel Tower and more. The snow in the Winterland model is as plentiful as the whimsical scenes that surround the famous buildings of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. At the connection point between Winterland and Continent, a wall screen displays the Northern Lights.

Visit the glassed-in Control Room, with attendants sitting at a bank of screens that monitor and control over ten software systems.'Across the way, enter our scanning room where you'll get a 3D scan of yourself as a full-color 3D print. You can become a Model Citizen when this mini model of yourself is placed at Gulliver's Gate in the location of your choice!

Walk through the next portal into Cultures, a great hall filled with amazing displays including Asiana, inspired by Asia, Levant, inspired by the Middle East, and Sur, inspired by Latin America. Visit the Taj Mahal, the Great Wall, see the Forbidden City and a military parade near Tiananmen Square. Jerusalem is alive with sacred sites that Christians, Jews and Muslims will identify with. At the far end of the Levant display, an Egyptian Pharaoh is laid to rest by the rippling Nile as camel caravans wander through the desert in the first part of our display inspired by Africa. Intricately constructed ships pass through a reproduction of the Panama Canal. The mountainous landscapes include the Arenal Volcano, Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, and part of the iconic Chichen-Itza.

Walk through the Projects Hall and see films and photos documenting how this amazing project came together with teams working around the world. In Escapes, you will find yourself in the mountainous GLV Airport to reveal the full operations of the airport.'Last ,you'll look through our Gallery where you can see District, inspired by Washington D.C. with seven prominent landmarks including the monuments and the White House. Leave the Land of Large and enter this spectacular new world!

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