Take a song-by-song stroll through Hamilton's rise and eventual fall as New York's foremost Founding Father. This tour is designed for folks who'have already seen or plan to see the 11 Tony Award winning Broadway production or'those just addicted to the cast album. The tour puts the songs, history and lower Manhattan locations into perspective. The tour matches up individual songs with their'actual location, including some bonus stops that help illuminate the time and place that Alexander Hamilton lived and died in. Each guest receives a Personal Listening Device to insure you hear every word and note, no matter how noisy the city gets.'

We start in'Lower Manhattan at City Hall Park, once'known as'the New York City Commons. Using Lin-Manuel Miranda's 46 songs as your'roadmap, from the title song "Alexander Hamilton" through to the finale'"Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story"' you'explore the locations, lyrics and relationships of Hamilton.

The 2 dozen stops include every major event in the play including, Kings College (Aaron Burr, Sir, My Shot), NYC Commons (Right Hand Man), Federal Reserve (Ten Duel Commandments), Thomas Jefferson's House (The Room Where It Happens), Bank of New York (Take a Break), Federal Hall (Cabinet Battles,'Washington On Your Side) Golden Hill (Guns and Ships), Bowling Green (The Reynolds Pamphlet, It's Quiet Uptown) and Trinity Church (Best of Wives and Best of Women) and many more including Bonus Stops that highlight the places that Hamilton'frequented that are not in the play.'

You will learn the inside'story of his extramarital affair with Maria Reynolds, how he met George Washington, how Lin-Manuel Miranda came up with some of these amazing songs, some of Hamilton's "other duels", what really caused the Hamilton - Burr duel and why it turned out the way it did.'

The tour lasts about two hours, covers approximately'1.75 miles. If you know the songs feel free to sing along, we love audience participation.

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