Experience the fantasy of your favorite movies and TV shows while learning the reality of Harlem heritage on our Harlem Movie / TV Multimedia Walking Tour. A lifelong born and raised Harlem tour guide equipped with portable video and sound will present TV and movie clips at the very locations where they were filmed. 'All along the way soundtracks from Harlem movies / TV shows will play via our portable audio.

Your tour includes visits'to sights where movies and TV shows have been made in Harlem, complimented with lots of additional historical information pertaining to given area.

At each sight after viewing a movie or TV clip you will learn the reality of the history and heritage of the area. 'Imagine standing exactly where movies and TV shows such as Luke Cage, American Gangster, Malcolm X, New Jack City, Law and Order and many others were filmed, but in all reality this is also the very area where historic events happened and Harlem legends lived. 'Experience the reality of history, fantasy and fun of Hollywood on this tour.

Expect the perfect mix of Harlem movie theme music, clips from Harlem movies and TV shows and actual historic narrative making for a great cultural experience.

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