This tour is a little-known gem'in Hasidic Williamsburg unlike any other tour of the neighborhood. The tours'are led by guides who were born, bred and married according to the Hasidic customs, and after leaving the sect, still feel connected to its world. Although no longer part of the faith,'Visit Hasidim guides are careful and respectful translators of this culture.

The Hasidic community is in NYC but in spirit it is far away; it does not allow outside culture in. A population of nearly 100,000 raises'its children without secular books, newspapers, movies, customs, costumes, languages. Hasidim create their own complex culture, and the tour helps'you see it through the eyes of those who live it.'The tour aims'to'increase your appreciation for its'history, traditions, nuance and humanity.

You will be led through the neighborhood of shops, eateries, synagogues, schools and historical sites. Learn about the faith and value system of contemporary Hasidism, the history of Jewish Williamsburg, and the origin of Hasidism and its major sects, including Satmar. Groups learn about traditions of Hasidic marriage and family, the cultures of Hasidic women, men and children, dress, language and education in lively conversations, with emphasis on understanding and learning. Questions are always encouraged -' and your guides are eager to share their knowledge. We want to hear your ideas, and we want to leave you with new thoughts and new ways of thinking about Hasidic culture.

Each tour group also samples delicious Hasidic food. It wouldn't be a real taste otherwise.

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