This family friendly Tour'of Lower Manhattan'meets every day at 9 AM. It's an easy introductory ride through the city. Take a relaxed route that follows many bicycle paths and small neighborhood streets. Along the way your guide'will point out NYC's most interesting tourist destinations and explain the best way to see them. It's a 4.5 hour tour and the guides are funny and full of good stories about the places you travel through.

The tour begins in Brooklyn and features a breath taking ferry ride from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to the Financial District of Manhattan. The bikes are very comfortable cruisers with three-speeds and hand brakes for your safety. Stylish helmets are provided.

This tour begins in Brooklyn's up and coming neighborhood, Williamsburg. You will ride through Brooklyn and Greenpoint through all of lower Manhattan's neighborhoods including Little Italy, China Town, Greenwich Village, the NYU Campus and Alphabet City. The best part is that you will really understand how these neighborhoods are connected to one another and how they are bound by the nuances of history. Our tour guides are full of funny and interesting stories that bring these neighborhoods to life. They will also show you plenty of tourist destinations along the way and explain the best way to see them.

Half way through we stop at a market and pick up food for a picnic at Washington Square Park. Your food isn't included in the cost of the tour so that you can buy as much, and as gourmet, food as you'd like. If it's raining we stop at Bar Sardine which is a small restaurant widely believed to have the best burger in New York.

Note: The picnic is not included in the price of the tour. We stop along the way to buy picnic goodies so you can choose what you'd like or even bring a pre-packed lunch. Also, we stop at about 1:30 so it's best to have had something to eat before we start.

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