The Five Squares and a Circle Tour takes you from the residential ambiance of Greenwich Village to the bustling commercial center of Midtown North. Follow the history of New York as the city developed its major squares: Washington Square, Union Square, Madison Square, Herald Square, and Times Square. The tour ends with NYC's most famous roundabout, Columbus Circle. With a combination of walking and riding the subway, you'll make your way uptown, focusing on history, art, architecture and people with personality.

This unique tour takes you from the quaint ambiance of Greenwich Village to the bustling commercial center that is Columbus Circle. Begin at Washington Square. Surrounded by New York University, the park is a magnet for students. From jazz bands to pianists to solo guitar players, musicians flock to the park to perform. There are several important monuments here, as well important historic architecture bordering the park.

Lower Fifth Avenue leads us to Union Square. This square too attracts students from New York University and the New School. The park holds several monuments, including those of General George Washington and his friend, the Marquis de Lafayette.

On foot to Madison Square, and its anchor, the uniquely-shaped Flatiron Building. In Madison Square we will see monuments to heroes, statesmen and politicians, all of whom were friends!

Give your feet a rest and on the Broadway Local to the fourth square. Next stop: Herald Square, with an impressive monument to the father-and-son publishers of the now-defunct New York Herald at the far end of the park.

Walk along Broadway to Times Square, called the Crossroads of the World. Times Square is the last square on the Five Squares and a Circle Tour.' Jump on the #1 subway in Times Square. Having finished with the tour's Five Squares, we end at Columbus Circle, with its monument to the Italian explorer.

This tour must be booked at least 36 hours before the tour's start time.

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