Are you a curious type? Seen all the major sights of New York City and want to delve a bit deeper? This tour will help you discover some hidden parts of the city. Dutch colonial houses in Lower Manhattan, Greenacre Park, Roosevelt Island, the hidden gems of West Village ' these are just few of the things you'll experience on this off-the-beaten path walking tour of Manhattan.

Did you know there are two Dutch colonial houses in Lower Manhattan? Take some pictures of those and then hop on the subway to West Village. Walk through the picturesque narrow streets where, back in the day, you could find several speakeasy bars.

After a nice walk through West Village, head north and take a little break at Greenacre Park, a charming oasis in the heart of the city. This little hole in the wall makes you feel like you're not in NYC anymore.

Take the tram and continue walking up to 60th Street. Arrive on Roosevelt Island, where you'll be amazed at the beautiful city skyline.

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