This tour is a mash up of two tours that were developed independently, but whose overlap has resulted in this fun, quirky excursion through midtown Manhattan. Calling attention to all of the different forms of art along the way, this tour explores the connections of all of the private and public spaces, including POPS (Privately Owned Public Spaces) that interlace Midtown revealing the extensive network of underground public and private passages, atriums and other indoor and sheltered spaces that connect Hells Kitchen to Tiffany's.

A complimentary oversized color-coded map accompanies the tour showing your route, and works-of-art along the way.

This walking tour meets inside the Food Emporium cafe.' It is a fully narrated tour that explains the history of zoning in New York City and the resulting built environment, and one of the least known but greatly appealing feature to the city's business district: the extensive network of pedestrian passageways, be they private, public, or the oxymoronic "privately-owned-public-spaces" (POPS) that interconnect Midtown Manhattan. On this tour one will learn all the options on bad weather days for indoor escape, the locations of all the best bathrooms, even how to get from Times Square to St. Patrick's Cathedral completely underground!

The tour goes up Fifth Avenue, where a great many POPS sweeps one through the upper class retail shopping district. We then head across to 6 1/2 Avenue, a city creation of a set of POPS that align along the same corridor for a good number blocks just east of Sixth Avenue.

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