Explore the very center of New York City with expert local guides. You'll see famous sights and get the inside scoop on places like Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and Grand Central Terminal.' Along the way the guides will introduce you to our favorite local food shops for pizza, coffee, pastries, and more.' You'll know all the great spots to eat and won't be stuck eating at chain restaurants with all the other tourists.


You'll learn everything about Times Square from its beginnings as a station along old colonial roads to its brilliant neon and theatrical present.'You'll see beautiful Rockefeller Center, its iconic skating rink,'and amazing art work.'You'll also visit Grand Central Terminal, one of the busiest and most beautiful train stations in the world.'And'along the way you'll eat too. The guides will take you into some of thier most' favorite places to eat in the neighborhood where you will sample and snack your way through the afternoon on delicious foods from small local shops.'Tastes will include iconic pizza, gourmet coffee, and dishes that highlight New York City's vibrant food culture.'Many of the places we'll take you are really hidden away and while most visitors to New York City are stuck going to chain restaurants and Starbucks, the guests on the tour will get a real taste of New York City while seeing some of the world's most famous buildings, theaters, and avenues.'
This NYC tour will start in Grand Central Terminal, the most historical transportation hub in the USA. We'll explore the massive building and its incredible architecture, and learn where you can grab some local NY State food and drink. You'll even take a hidden passage out to the street to avoid the crowds at the entrance ' talk about a true secret insider's tip.
Afterwards, we'll head out through the skyscrapers of Midtown where you'll uncover some short cuts, tunnels, and a few hyper-local spots for dining and shopping ' places you definitely would have never found on your own The neighborhood might be filled with tourists and chain restaurants, but the guides are there to help you discover the hidden local faves.

Of course, no tour of Midtown would be complete without seeing the bright lights of Broadway. Picture it: you're standing right in the center of Times Square surrounded by flashing billboards, giant TV screens, and dozens of Broadway theaters, right in the midst of it all. Pretty epic feeling, right? While you're soaking it all in, you'll learn about the evolution of Broadway and how theater transformed Times Square from the middle of nowhere to one of the most famous destinations in the world. We'll also point out the hidden fa'ades, history, and Broadway stories you might not have otherwise discovered.''Plus, the guides will share their tips for snagging discount theater tickets'and tell you about'our favorite shows,'as well as'where to catch great off-Broadway shows.

'Finally, you'll end the tour with a classic tasting of the best slice of New York pizza in the neighborhood and a visit to one of our favorite local markets for dessert.'By the end of this tour you'll have some amazing photos in front of iconic buildings and landmarks, an insider's local knowledge of the food and drinks scene, and the scoop on where to get discount theater tickets and catch great shows around the city.'


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