Discover the indelible legacy left by the Titanic on this guided, 4-hour tour in New York City. There is so much to learn about this singular tragedy ' the competition between Cunard Lines and White Star Lines, David Sarnoff's telegraph claim, the overlooked ice warnings and the eventual iceberg collision, the conditions that night, the ship in popular culture and its luxurious amenities, the immense size of the vessel, the survivors, and more. At the end of the tour, stand at the foot of Pier 54 where the SS Carpathia docked, bearing the 712 surviving souls of the disaster.

The Titanic tour begins with a hotel pickup or at another confirmed meeting spot.

Start at Astor Place, where the old Wanamaker's department store once stood. Proceed on foot past buildings and churches in the West Village that have connections to the Titanic. Also, visit the Jane Hotel, where the surviving crewmembers were housed and then later participated in the initial inquiry into the ship's sinking. It's hard to fathom the deep connections that New York City has to this lost ship, some apparent and some only illuminated by a skillful and talented guide.

Almost everywhere one looks, there are remarkable connections to the ship and her passengers. There are tall buildings to compare its size to, hospitals and hotels where survivors were taken, and churches where relatives prayed for the souls of their lost loved ones.

With an acknowledged Titanic expert as the tour guide, journey back through time. Try to imagine the air crackling with the news that the Titanic had sunk, with great loss of life. Imagine the sadness of friends and relatives as they await the Carpathia, praying that their loved ones had survived the tragedy.

The'guide recreates those moments that continue to resonate to this day.

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