Ever dreamed of having a private yacht? This is your chance to treat yourself to luxury and experience New York City like never before!

There are none like her in the rest of the world. The Pangea is New York's top private yacht, and the only 30 passenger Coast Guard Certified Vessel that can be rented in the United States. She has been rented by celebrities, political leaders, Kings, Queens and business moguls... and she can be yours any time that you would like.

The Pangaea was originally built for Roger Penske. It was his primary personal watercraft but later became a gift to his mother. The Pangaea is a Hatteras also known in the yachting world as the Rolls-Royce of personal watercraft. Hatteras has an amazing reputation as they have been manufacturing vessels since 1960.

Perfect for a luxury day trip or celebration with friends what better activity than seeing New York City like on your own private yacht? Tour all of the wonderful sites in New York Harbor, the Williamsburg Bridge, Roosevelt Island, Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty. Stop at the Frying Pan and have a drink or check out governors island. New York itself has unlimited experiences if you know where to look. See it like never before on the newly remodeled Pangea!

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