Central Park's drives provide a challenging course for in-line skating. Circling the entire Park, the drives provide three long-distance routes ' 6.1 miles, 5.2 miles or 1.7 miles, or shorter distances if you cross the Park at a number of scenic locations.

One can skate in the park at any time while it's open, and no permit is needed. The most optimal times are when the drives are closed to traffic, Monday through Friday 10am to 3pm, and 7pm to 10pm, and weekends from 7pm Friday to 6am Monday. We do not recommend using the Park drives when they are open to traffic. Note that Central Park is officially closed from 1am to 6am.

The law requires that children under 14 years of age wear helmets, and the 20 mph speed limit is strictly enforced on the drives.

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