Dumplings and donuts and drinks - oh my! You'll eat, drink and shop your way into an illuminating, if somewhat tipsy, vision of NYC history. We'll guide you past the mysteries of the Orient' and on to the rough-and-tumble ways of the once formidable Gangs of New York that's right, Scorcese's very same! Led by one of the city's most monstrously entertaining tour guides, you'll lounge in secreted speakeasy hideaways and munch on complimentary gourmet goodies as your guide tells the tale of the fascinating, if often ignored, history of Chinese immigration to NYC.

This tour focuses on alcohol and all of it's surrounding history. You are sure to be full with entertainment, food, drinks and history!

This tour includes tastings of dumplings and a full gourmet doughnut or Malaysian Sweet Toast (and sometimes both!).

You'll have access to a high-end speakeasy and learn about the rich history of the Lower East Side (LES) in regards to prohibition with a focus on Little Italy, Chinatown and Five points neighborhoods.

*Drinks are NOT included and fur/faux fur is not allowed in many if the establishments we will be entering. Please dress to impress (e.g. no sneakers,'flip-flops or tanks) while being mindful that we will be walking quite a bit. Reviews | Photos | Get Tickets