The newly opened One World Observatory is a must-visit in New York City. Guarantee your admission'to this in-demand site with a pre-reserved ticket. After a guided tour of the commemorative'sites'of'the September 11 attacks, including the reflecting pools, the Fireman's Memorial, and St. Paul's Chapel, you can explore the 102nd floor of One World Trade Center independently.

Standing tall at'the site of the September 11'attacks on the World Trade Center, the One World Tower is a testament to a city that was knocked down and later'revitalized. Get to the heart of that terrible tragedy and learn how NYC rebuilt itself bigger and stronger on this'guided 9/11 memorial tour, led with a group of 20 or fewer participants.

Meet your guide at'St. Paul's Chapel to hear personal insight into the drama that unfolded here. The church'offered'families and friends a place'to pray, offer support, and await news in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, as testified by the hand-drawn cards and memorials, personal memorabilia, and photographs that still hang at this poignant site.

Next, follow your guide to see special places'you might miss, away from the major landmarks. One such site is the American Express 11 Tears Memorial, a strikingly personal tribute to the 11 AmEx employees that lost their lives on 9/11. Plus, see'the Winter Garden, destroyed in the attack and now restored to its former glory.

Next, head to the Twin Reflecting Pools, built in the footprints of the World Trade Center and engraved with the names of each'victim. Learn about the nuances that make the site'more touching, such as how staff place a single rose in the name of each victim on their birthdays. Visit the Fireman's Memorial to pay tribute to those brave men and women who worked around-the-clock after the attacks. See the Survivor's Tree, a single tree which miraculously survived the attacks and was nursed back to health by New Yorkers as a symbol of their enduring strength.

The highlight of your tour includes'a visit to the One World Observatory.'The guided portion of your tour ends here'after your guide prepares you for your independent visit and provides you with a'pre-reserved'admission ticket that guarantees entry, no matter the size of the crowds.'Inside the lobby you'll find videos about the production of this incredible structure ' said to be the strongest in the world ' and of the men and women who built it.

Then board a 'skypod' to travel through time and space. Created in association with Universal Studios, these elevators feature'LCD screens on which you'll watch the changing face of New York from the 1600s to today while ascending 102 floors in just 42 seconds. Disembark at the top of One World Tower for incredible panoramic views over NYC.

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