This is it! The full monty - New York's greatest hits in 8 hours! A private guide and separate chauffeur driver will pick you up from your Manhattan or Brooklyn hotel and take you on a full day adventure through the highlights of NYC!'You'will see all of the highlights of Manhattan and Brooklyn using a combination of walking and driving and we can tailor the tour to suit any special requests you may have.

By having a private guide and a separate chauffeur driver, you will maximize what you can see in the 8 hours - being dropped right outside the attractions - and walking off road with the guide, whilst the driver drives round to pick you all up from the next spot.'

The guide and driver'will work together to give you'an exclusive and insightful experience of our city.

A'private guide and separate driver pick you up at your hotel - 1st stop - Times Square'- Crossroads to the world - learn the the story behind the electric neon lights of our city and grab some awesome photos at the Broadway Theater District, before checking out the Rockefeller Center - NBC Headquarters and a cruise down'Fifth Avenue - look out for Tiffany's, Apple Store, Plaza Hotel (Home Alone 2) and of course the now iconic Trump Tower. It is then all aboard at'the terminus of New York - Grand Central Station - the largest station in the world and also described as "the loveliest station in the world" - laced with history and human stories of hope, aspiration and migration - the American dream breathes here'- next, after showing you the'Empire State'and Public Library, we will head into Central Park - the most famous park in the land and visit the Bathesda fountain - the quintessential NYC movie location spot'- synonymous with Sex in The City, Woody Allen movies and countless other'shows that you will recognize.

Continuing down to the'Lower East Side for an insight into the immigrants that make up the kaleidoscope of our city. Feast your way through the story of New Yorkers. Explore the Jewish area to try some delicious hot bagels and 'Kosher dill pickles - then'Little Italy - where the street art tells more of life than the guide can, it speaks to a young generation but the lessons are old. Taste'amazing cannoli, learn about the mafia and gang wars'before continuing into Chinatown where you'can'haggle with the traders for a gem and experience Chinese style beef jerky, delicious dim sums and lambutan. The'food reflects the stories of the communities that you encounter and you will learn how they have interacted with each other, the tragedy and the dream and how they have combined to make the melting pot of the most multicultural city on earth.

After lunch - Greenwich Village - see the building from Friends, NYU, Washington Square Arch,'check out a hidden speakeasy, see some artist hovels next to Billionaire's row!'

Then we go downtown to Wall Street for a photo with the Bull before stopping at the'9/11 Ground Zero Memorial for a hauntingly powerful stop. Next a quick photo snap'with the Statue of Liberty across the water before heading over the Manhattan'Bridge into old Brooklyn - the Brooklyn of Walt Whitman and prohibitionism. Behold the oldest and largest borough in New York. We will check out the Tech and Dumbo areas, the 200 year old Brownstone houses, share the rich history, see an art library with walls lined with thousands of sketchbooks, before maybe trying some famous Brooklyn pizza and cruising over the Brooklyn Bridge with a stop at the'UN on the way back to your hotel.

As this'is a private tour, you can alter the above and tailor the tour on the day with your guide and driver.

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