A full day private tour that will let you touch the sites and experience New York like a New Yorker. With your private guide you will cover all the iconic landmarks of Manhattan with the company of an awesome guide filled with humor, stories, pace and laughter. Ride the subways, poke down alleys, take some awesome photos and absorb the history and humanity of the greatest city on earth. From Times Square to Ground Zero, from Central Park to Grand Central and everything in-between.'No stone is left unturned on this - an'epic and exciting New York private adventure.

Walking shoes? Check. Cameras? Check. Private New Yorker Guide? Check. Adventure? Check.

Fasten your seat belts, here we go! We will have a New Yorker guide pick you up at your hotel and traveling on foot and by subway, get ready to hit the big and brash New York - starting with Times Square - Crossroads to the world so you can see the story behind the electric neon lights of our city and grab some awesome photos at the Broadway Theater District, Radio City Music Hall, the lights and the madness - from there we will check out the Rockefeller Center and NBC Headquarters, stopping by Fifth Avenue - Tiffany's, Apple Store, Plaza hotel and of course Trump Tower! We will take you to the terminus of New York - Grand Central - the largest station in the world and also described as "the loveliest station in the world" - laced with history and human stories of hope, betterment and travel as well as an intricately detailed design - recognizable from so many movies - from Madagascar to North by Northwest to Gaga - then on to Central Park for Strawberry Fields and a nod to John Lennon's apartment.

Down we go to the Lower East Side for a fantastic insight into the immigrants that make up the kaleidoscope of our city. Feast your way through the story of New Yorkers. Starting with the Jewish area, try some delicious hot bagels and amazing Kosher dill pickles as you meander past the beautiful tenement museum and travel to Little Italy to experience in a Sicilian marketplace. The street art here tells the story of the creativity of the Italian immigrants to New York, it speaks to a young generation but the lessons are old. You can try the best cannoli of your life! Followed by some before continuing into Chinatown. Again, a complete culture shock, haggle with a trader for a gem and experience Chinese style beef jerky, delicious dim sums, rambutan and Chinese flavor ice cream to finish it off. Along the way the food will reflect the stories of the communities that you encounter and you will learn how they have interacted with each other, the struggles they have faced, the tragedy and the dream and how they have combined to make the melting pot of the most multicultural city on earth.

Then brace yourself for the Bohemian Greenwich Village - see the building from Friends, NYU, Washington Square, discover the contradictions between the home of the starving artist - and how it turned into billionaire's row! We will recreate Bob Dylan's album cover, show you a hidden Speakeasy, hidden artist hovels, cupcakes, liberalism, rights and expensive real estate. '

Headed further downtown past Wall Street for a photo with the bull outside the stock exchange, we will then pay'a visit to the Ground Zero Memorial - a hauntingly powerful experience before finishing with a beautiful photo stop in Battery Park with the Statue of Liberty in the background and a pat on your back for taking more than a bite out of the biggest Apple there is!

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