Meet your guide for a private 2.5-hour tour of the Lower East Side, the neighborhood many new immigrants called home in New York City as they arrived in America. See the old tenement buildings and hear immigrant stories of survival. Learn'historical facts and stories to help you understand the transformation of this once overpopulated neighborhood.

Make your way to the Lower East Side with your group of no more than 10 people for this private tour of a truly historic neighborhood.'You'll walk, talk, and eat in one of New York City's oldest areas.

The Lower East Side is the neighborhood that has been the melting pot for immigrants for generations. Italians, Jews, Germans, Latinos, and Asians have made this area home. As one immigrant group left, another wave of immigrants came in.

Once the most densely-populated place on the planet, the area'has been gentrified. Today it's a desired neighborhood with luxury condos. You can still find old tenements and mom and pop shops among hip designer boutiques and restaurants.

The face of the Lower East Side has changed but come hear the tales of its rich history and cultural diversity and how immigrants struggled'to make a new life.

Your tour ends at Grand St. and Essex.

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