Get to see all the best sights located in Brooklyn and Queens on this guided tour. There's Williamsburg, Astoria, Greenpoint, Long Island City, Flushing, and other neighborhoods'featured on this tour.

Cruise through'an old fashioned Hassidic jewish neighborhood and feel like you're traveling back in time.

See the famous Unisphere, with a diameter of 120 ft, is a spherical stainless steel representation of the Earth, located in Flushing Meadows'Corona Park. Visit the old site of the World's Fair and see old remnants of interactive fountains and the World's Fair Towers.

The outer boroughs offer a'memorable cultural experience, with fascinating history, landmark museums, parks'and, perhaps most importantly, the chance to observe the "real New York."

While Manhattan is pretty, there are four other incredible boroughs, and'each has its own individual identity.'Brooklyn and Queens each have endless opportunities for new and exciting things to discover.'

Be immersed in innovative culture and lifestyle trending worldwide. Experience the proud spirit and charm of top neighborhoods, districts and sites.'

By the end of the tour'you will'go'home with a clear perspective on the past, present, and future of NYC. You will also gain an appreciation for its timeless character and the role Brooklyn and Queens'plays in New York City.'

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