See a side of New York City few get to see. Visit three neighborhoods throughout the Big Apple borough of Queens on this private, 4-hour walking tour. Learn about culture, history, architecture, and food, and discover the history of both New York City and Queens. Between stops, enjoy a few treats, and'stop'for lunch or a coffee break (own expense) midway through the tour.

There are around 400 neighborhoods in New York City, and 99 of them are in Queens. On this tour, a local tour guide will present a side of the Big Apple very few tourists gets to see. Enjoy a leisurely walk from neighborhood to neighborhood encountering different cultures, tastes, and scents, and experiencing a part of the authentic New York City.

Much attention is given to Brooklyn and Manhattan, leaving the other boroughs untouched, undiscovered, and more importantly, misunderstood by visitors. But these places are said to showcase 'authentic' New York: the Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens each have amazing history, buildings, and cultures to offer.

The best way to discover these areas is on foot with a local guide.'

Queens is one of the most diverse counties in the country, with almost 70 percent of its residents from outside the US with more than 200 languages spoken. Hop on the 'International Express,' traveling from Manhattan to Queens, and encounter different cultures at every stop ' all with the swipe of a MetroCard.

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