Experience the most magnificent town in North America. Your guide will weave a vivid and compelling tale of NYC life in the 1770's. Filled with people from different places, speaking different languages and practicing different religions, NYC was the blueprint for the nation's future.

You will feel like an observer to the events as they happened. Your guide will use a storytelling format from start to finish. Hear about the feuding families and political intrigues that pit neighbor against neighbor, patriot against loyalist. Visit some of the oldest remaining historic sites in New York City like St. Paul's Chapel, Trinity Church Graveyard and Fraunces Tavern. Walk in the footsteps of historic figures you know (Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, John Jay) as well as those you'll come to know (Philip and William Livingston, John Holt, Alexander McDougall). See actual documents from the time period. Hear the story of the conflict in the words of the people who lived through it.

    Complete your Hamilton experience with a walk through the city he loved. Learn more about the people and events that shaped his beliefs. We'll visit the sites that were a part of his everyday life like King's College, Wall Street, the Merchant's Coffee House and Trinity Church. You'll hear your favorite Hamilton stories while standing right where they happened. A great accompaniment to the musical.

    Tour Highlights
    • The Liberty Pole on the Commons - Why did a pole stuck in the ground become a source of growing discord between the colonists and the British and ultimately cause four violent riots to occur?
    • St. Paul's Chapel - Built in 1766, it has survived wars, floods and 9/11. The site of our nation's first Presidential inaugural service. Hear about the 'Liberty Printer' buried in the graveyard and what he did to earn a place in history.
    • Trinity Church - Visit the graves of Founding Fathers, Sons of Liberty, Military Commanders, and two Treasury Secretaries.
    • Brooklyn Heights - Stand at the colonial shoreline of the East River and envision the approaching British Fleet, with so many ships that their masts were thick as a forest. Would General Washington's small army be defeated in 1776?
    • The Bowling Green - After hearing the Declaration of Independence an unruly crowd tore down the statue of King George III, knocked all of the crown ornaments off of the surrounding fence and had them melted for musket balls. The fence still stands today as it was left that night.
    • Fraunces Tavern - Built in 1719 as a private home and selected by Gen. Washington as the place to give his farewell address at the end of the war.

    Have a great time while you learning about New York City's extraordinary history. Your guide is a native New Yorker and historian with more than a decade of in-depth research into the time period. All of the stories you'll hear are based on original documents that you will see on the tour. Without political bias, you guide is focused on bringing you the best historical experience possible.

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