Learn lots'of secrets about New York City's "Park in the Sky" and its surrounding neighborhoods. Built upon a historic freight rail line erected above the streets on Manhattan's West Side, the High Line has become a major draw for tourists and locals alike.'This fun, two-hour guided walking tour includes a visit to Chelsea Market;'the'chic gastro haven'was'once the home of Nabisco, the birthplace of the Oreo cookie.'Meandering the entire length of the unique and stunning elevated public park, you'll take in breathtaking'views of NYC from an entirely new perspective. 'You'll'learn all sorts of area "secrets" through'engaging narration throughout your tour. The tour covers'the'High Line's past and present,'its'art and area galleries, its horticulture, its surrounding'neighborhoods, visible iconic buildings,'future developmental plans and'the latest'cutting-edge architecture'sprouting up all around'the High Line.

Your'2 hour tour which spans the entire 1.45 mi. (2.33 km) High Line,'begins with a walk through the treasured'Chelsea Market'located in the heart of the fashionable'Meatpacking District.'This fabulous culinary and shopping marketplace was once the home of Nabisco, the world's largest bakery and creator of the Oreo Cookie.'You'll not only learn'this history'this building but of many others'throughout this'leisurely'walking tour.'

The'Meatpacking District'was once a flurry of industrial activity before ultimately falling into ruin and becoming a dilapidated, drug-ridden, dangerous urban wasteland. Your guide will share the area's remarkable history and the even more remarkable transformation from a once seedy area into the chic, trendy, glamorous hotspot that'it is'today! You will be wowed throughout your tour experience'as'your guide shares many lesser known secrets,'not just of the High Line, but'of many other historic, significant or just plain fascinating sites that are viewable from atop this beautiful oasis'that rides high'above the manic streets of Manhattan and its frenzy of activity, below.'Throughout your fun and comprehensive tour, you'll learn about the areas' vast history and as well as its future plans, its architecture (both old and new)'and'abundant'fun facts and stories all along the route. Bring a smile, a cheerful attitude and your camera and get set to explore and fall in love the magnificent High Line; surely 6 million visitors annually can't be wrong!

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