Looking for a fun new way to experience the world's great art museums? Uncover the sexy side of history and art on this guided, 2-hour, small-group tour at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Learn the backstory of the museum's 'shady ladies' ' those courtesans, prostitutes, and royal mistresses depicted in many of its masterpieces. Discover the unexpected side of these paintings and thus, an entirely new way to look at the classic collection in the largest art museum in the US.

Courtesans, royal mistresses, and scandalous women of every sort. The walls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art are lined with them, from the ancient Greek 'hetaerae' to Sargent's Madame X and beyond. These sexy women ' often also intelligent, educated, wealthy, or even powerful ' were key members of the political and cultural elites of their time. They fascinated patrons and artists alike, from Praxiteles to Titian to Manet. But who were they? What were their stories? To find out, explore the lives and loves that lie behind the paintings.

On this 2-hour walking tour, an art historian guide will provide an orientation into the vast museum while showing an entirely new, intriguing side of art. Learn about the ancient Greek hetaira, the Japanese oiran, and the cortigiane of the Italian Renaissance; representations of Venus and their relationship to ladies of the night; royal mistresses in France and England and their titled descendants; the demimondaines of 19th century Paris and their importance in art and opera; and sex and art scandals of 19th century America.

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