Small Group Total New York City Walking Tour With Food Tastings

Get to know the best of New York City on this guided, full-day, small-group tour.'From amazing food to historic neighborhoods and New York's famous nightlife, this experience covers it all. Get the scoop on everything Big Apple from a local expert and enjoy a great overview and orientation to 'the city that never sleeps.''Along the way, get a taste of New York's finest foods with'snacks, craft beer, and more.

This'full-day New York City tour begins in City Hall Park, the center of Lower Manhattan and one of the most historic spots in the city.

From there, venture to the Lower East Side, once New York's poorest neighborhood, but today a thriving and fashionable district with local restaurants, bars, and shops. Explore its legacy as an immigrant neighborhood, visiting the Chinatown, Little Italy, and old Jewish and German quarters, and stopping along the way at local shops run by members of these communities.

Come hungry and sample some fantastic immigrant food. Learn about their culture and their culinary traditions, and discover how both have shaped the city and America as a whole. This tour provides plenty of'food, so don't worry about packing a lunch.

From the Lower East Side, head up to Midtown to take in the bright lights of Broadway. Venture across Midtown and see several of the most famous buildings and sites in the city, including Grand Central, Rockefeller Center, and Bryant Park.

Most visitors to New York City don't realize there are loads of hidden indie shops tucked away throughout Midtown, so enjoy the local treatment and stop into at a few. Also, find out where to get the best food in Midtown.

The Midtown tour will end with a pint of local craft beer at one of NYC's favorite bars, a great preparation for the final activity of the day ' a cocktail tour.

Head to the East Village, one of the main nightlife districts, to visit some of the best cocktail bars in the city. Explore historic and modern speakeasies and talk about the history of cocktails, prohibition, and gangsters. Finally, delve into the recent craft cocktail movement that has taken the city by storm and created the best cocktail culture in the world, right here in the Big Apple.

Stop at three different bars and have a cocktail at each. By the end of it all, head out into the New York City night and dance until dawn, if desired.

Throughout the entire day, enjoy'access to an expert local guide, who can be the ultimate NYC resource, with tips on where to eat, what to see, what not to do, and how to navigate the city for the remainder of a stay in the city.

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