Join a local architect, urban planner, or historian for this in-depth, 3-hour tour of the iconic buildings of New York's famous 42nd Street thoroughfare ' quite possibly the most famous street in the US. Discover the changes in the city's buildings, from the late-19th century through today ' 150 years of Manhattan history. Check out everything from Tudor City to Times Square and learn about Beaux Arts, Art Deco, and more while visiting the Chrysler Building, the Daily News Building, Grand Central Terminal, and more.

On this small-group exploration of Midtown Manhattan, delve into the evolution of the city's architecture, from the late-19th century through today.

Starting in Tudor City at 2nd Avenue, proceed down 42nd Street to Times Square in the company of an architecture expert and long-time New York resident. Discuss the varied roles the street has played in the last two centuries, from a gated community and commuter hub, to the red light and theater districts.

Learn the visual language of such architectural movements as Beaux Arts, Art Deco, and the International Style while studying the interiors and exteriors of iconic structures like the Chrysler Building, the Daily News Building, the Ford Foundation, Grand Central Terminal, and the New York Public Library.

Along the way, discuss the city's rapid expansion northward during the first half of the 20th century, the key role Midtown played in this, and how Manhattan's built environment continues to evolve today. Since this is a small-group tour, there is plenty of time for questions and dialogue throughout the tour.

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