Go'on the beat with a retired NYPD detective or officer, and learn the shocking truth behind New York's organized crime rings, white-collar swindlers, and modern scandals. Visit traditional hotbeds of NYC crime like Chinatown, the Lower East Side, and a more recent addition to the list of Manhattan's most notorious neighborhoods: Wall Street. A perfect 2-5-hour tour for anyone interested in true crime, storytelling, or the turbulent history of this legendary American city.

Meet your guide, a'retired NYPD officer or detective, in a central New York location, and embark on a 2.5-hour tour of the Big Apple.'Explore neighborhoods once home to notorious criminals, discover how various crime rings have ruled the city in waves, and listen to your guide's own anecdotes from years patrolling the streets.

Wander the Lower East Side with your small group of 15 or less participants. See tenement buildings where Irish immigrants lived in subhuman conditions, and hear about the neighborhood's most notorious area ' the Five Points ' a junction so well-known for its gang crime that author Charles Dickens personally checked it out on a trip to NYC, not believing it could live up to its reputation.

Learn how during the 1900s the Italian mafia kept Little Italy in a choke hold, while extremely bloody Chinese turf wars dominated the 1970s and 80s.

From the city's earliest ragtag gangs to the mafia empires of the 20th century, you'll separate the truth from myths popularized by movies like Gangs of New York and TV shows like The Sopranos. Your guide will also regale you with stories about the city's most notorious criminals, from Captain Kidd and Boss Tweed to John Gotti and Leona Helmsley.

While each neighborhood you visit is much safer today than they were in the past the question remains: has NYC really cleaned up its act? Visit lower Manhattan ' particularly Wall Street and the Financial District ' to get a sense of the city's modern, white-collar crime (and learn the going rate for a get-out-of-jail-free card).

Your tour concludes in Little Italy.

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