Calling all true believers!' Take an in-depth look into the superhero and comic world in a way that only New York City can deliver. Check out iconic superhero movie sites, see where the writers' and artists created your favorite characters, stroll down publishers row and see some of the most recognizable sites in New York City. Learn the answer to the age old question: Is New York Gotham or Metropolis? Excelsior!

Learn where Batman was saved from being cancelled, how Kryptonite was created, go to the site where Christopher Reeve first flew as Superman. See where The Avengers left a keepsake for the city of New York. Get a unique and unforgettable view into the comic book industry and the characters that make it extraordinary.

We start in front of the Headquarters of the United Nations and as we walk down 42nd Street' we view the Green Goblins apartment, go inside of the Daily News Building, go to a bar where some of Comics greatest artists used to hang out, and check out both the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Terminal and the location of where Stark Tower is supposed to be located. As we take a left down Park Avenue, we take a stroll down Historic publishers row. See where some of the worlds most iconic comics were first created, Will Eisner and Bob Kane's offices, where T.V. Shows like Gotham and Netflix's Daredevil film, where the first man to play superman lived, and much more.

If you ever wanted the full Superhero treatment that only New York can offer, this is it! Have a fun walk, see great sites, hear amazing stories, and discuss the history of all the characters that made you to believe a man could fly!

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