The Hasidic community is little known, somewhat mysterious and often misunderstood.This 2 hour walking tour of Borough Park, Brooklyn provides an inside look at a unique Jewish community and explains their customs, traditions and way of life. Led by a knowledgeable and friendly guide who invites questions and loves a challenge, this tour opens up an otherwise closed world to those who are looking to learn more about NYC's diverse ethnic flavors.

Your tour begins in Brooklyn with a background history of the Hasidic movement. Your guide then leads the group through the neighborhood streets, while pointing out landmarks and aspects that are unique to this neighborhood. Your guide also discusses the different Hasidic sects, the particular way of dress, community organizations, dating and marriage, education and more. The tour ends off on Thirteenth Avenue, a busy shopping strip where specialty stores offer items from tantalizing, traditional Jewish food to the latest in technology and electronics.

During Matzo baking season, from December through Passover, the tour includes a visit to a Matzo Bakery where you will see matzo baked by hand, according to ancient tradition.

Borough Park is just a short train ride from Manhattan, but this part of 21st century New York City is reminiscent of old time Europe, with an ultra modern twist. See how a cherished culture of yesteryear endures alongside up-to-date technology and urbanization.

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