Williamsburg is the fastest-growing neighborhood of the Brooklyn waterfront. Williamsburg has gone from a largely industrial, immigrant neighborhood to a huge community of artists & musicians to today the sight of rapid gentrification and development. Find out why this eclectic and vibrant neighborhood draws visitors from all over the world, while also getting some amazing views of the Manhattan skyline.

Our tour starts in eastern Williamsburg, near the area that once was the beer capital of the United States, and continues on west toward its redeveloped waterfront. Along the way, we will pass resurgent breweries, indoor flea markets, amazing street art, national historic buildings, and an urban farm along the East River. We will discuss the history of this neighborhood, and how gentrification continues to transform and re-define its communities. You will get to discover what has made Williamsburg the quintessential Brooklyn neighborhood for the 21st century.

The tour will conclude in south Williamsburg, where you will be able to ride the subway over the Williamsburg Bridge back to Manhattan.

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