The Brooklyn Navy Yard was once home to the world's busiest shipyard during World'War II. Visitors can travel by bus and explore the grounds on this 2-hour historical tour.'With the help of an expert guide, guests get an up close look at the contemporary'industrial park, with essential stops at some of the yard's key sites, like the Naval Film'Exchange, Dry Dock 1 and the famed Naval Hospital. Listen in on recordings from a'handful of the 70,000 workers who toiled on repairs of battleships and aircraft carriers'during World War II and gain a deeper understanding of the men and women behind the'effort to win the war.

Kick things off at BLDG 92, where you'll meet an expert guide at the exhibition and'visitor center of what was once the world's busiest shipyard.

Travel by bus through the historical grounds for an up close look at this modern industrial'park's most famous sites. Tour the Naval Hospital, visit former ship-assembly shops, Dry'Dock 1 and the Naval Film Exchange during a two-hour tour.'

Gain a deeper understanding of the iconic yard's role in WWII, when it was deemed the''Can-Do Yard' thanks to the thousands of men and women who built and repaired more'than 5,000 battleships, aircraft carriers and other water vessels, before sending them'around the world. Learn about the USS Arizona, which sunk at Pearl Harbor, and the'famed Missouri battleship, which are among the Brooklyn Navy Yard's most famous'ships.

Listen in as your guide shares stories about the old New York City Waterfront and catch'audio clips from sailors and ship-workers that kept the Navy Yard running during one of'the world's most epic wars. Women and people of color describe the challenge and'opportunities these industrial jobs presented in well-preserved audio recordings.'

This tour showcases the endless energy and innovation of the WWII era and highlights'the current renaissance that's taking place in what remains one of the East Coast's busiest'waterways.

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