A food tour inside the Metropolitan Museum?

Yum Yum MET Culinary Art Tour is an immensely fun, yet sophisticated, journey through The MET's food-related artworks.

The Met is one of the biggest culinary-art serving restaurants in the world. Instead of boeuf bourguignon and Bordeaux wine, the MET's menu predominantly features feast-depicting paintings, sculptures of kitchen scenes, as well as masterpieces connecting food with a wide range of social issues, from religion, politics to gender equality and sex.

An engaging and intimate (up to 8 persons) experience, full of hilarious stories, interactive games (with prizes!!) and memorabilia to take home.

*'The MET's policy doesn't allow serving food in the galleries

Yum Yum MET Culinary Art Tour is an exciting 2-hour long walk through many of The MET's magnificent collections. Every stop has a'story. Or two! Historical facts, art trivia, hilarious details, forgotten rituals, ancient cooking recipes, and techniques! As real foodies, we love not just eating food, but also talking food, sharing'our food knowledge and celebrating'with new friends!

The Idea:

Ever since Adam took Eve out to dinner -- or was it the other way around? -- humans have eaten mountains of decadent stuff!

As a matter of fact, besides scarfing down delicacies, they also carved food shapes in caves; constructed utensils from stone, ivory and wood; roasted antelopes in underground pits; baked poultry in porcelain ovens; got drunk with gods and lovers; foraged turf and surf for their family or cultivated the earth and sold the harvest to their neighbors; started wars and signed peace treaties to secure access to priceless spices; protected their secrets with apocryphal culinary symbols; celebrated victories with feasts and sought comfort in tragedies.

Regrettably, we are not lucky enough to nosh on all these historic delicacies. However, we are excited to rediscover these "foodprints" which have been left behind in various forms of arts & crafts. You're invited to a curated tour of the vast collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York City, with food and flavors as our main compass!

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